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Social Media Mindset Series, Part 1 [Podcast #001]

by Tanya McGill Freeman

in Social Media

The 3 things you must have to be successful in your social media strategy:

1) A willingness to learn-it’s really important that you’re open to learning social media and accepting it by realizing how valuable it can be for you and your business. Let go of intimidation & DIG IN!

2) Self discipline-this is a must-have because it’s going to allow you to achieve your social media goals. Set aside time to manage your social media and tweak your strategies. Buffer, Hootsuite and SproutSocial are all excellent tools for this.

3) Service mentality-hugely important! This is a requirement for ensuring that your audience gets the impression that you are willing to help. You’re a valuable resource to them. This plays a key roll in establishing you as the go-to person in your area of expertise.

Care about your tribe and let them know it by being of service to them!

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Cynthia Sanchez

Tanya, congrats on the first episode of the podcast. It sounds great, have you podcasted before? I just started podcasting and have had fun with it so far.

Looking forward to more social media tips in your next episode.

Tanya McGill Freeman

Wow – thanks SO much, Cynthia! Although I have voice-over experience, it is my first actual podcast and I’m just delighted to hear that you enjoyed it. It’s the initial one to get the ball rolling and then the follow-up ones will soon have intro/outro music & all that spiffy stuff. Do you have a podcast; I’d love to check it out?! Thanks so much for your very kind comments!

Cynthia Sanchez

I do have a podcast. I just published my 3rd episode. It’s based on my blog, Oh So Pinteresting and can be found on there and on iTunes. Thanks for asking.

What do you use for editing?

Tanya McGill Freeman

That’s fabulous, Cynthia! Congrats on posting your third podcast; sounds like you are well on your way to owning the podcasting airways – HA! That’s great. I’m going to check it out and definitely subscribe. I use Apple’s GarageBand for the majority of my editing. It’s so quick & easy to use, I find. What do you use?

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