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Craving Connection

by Tanya McGill Freeman

in Business/Administrative, Social Media

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What’s the point of all this “social media” hype, anyway? Why do some of us love it? Why do some of us loathe it? Why are basically all of us affected by it? Anything this polarizing must be pretty powerful, right? Right!

Really the kernel of it all, the core of this phenomena, the very heart of social media is just one simple yet important thing. I would define that thing as connection. It’s this connectedness, the pulling someone to you or reaching out to them that’s fueling the social media fire. Whether it’s connecting to another person, place, institution or company-it’s groups of people. Massive amounts of people!

Whoever it is or whatever it may be, the point is that connectedness is really at the heart of it all.

Connection is crucially important in our relationships; it’s really what defines the word “relationship” itself! Maintaining the rapport we have with the people that we care about is fundamental to our sense of well-being.

You can’t ever meet Wisconsin, but you can certainly meet someone who’s from Wisconsin. So no matter how large the group or company is that you’re interacting with, what’s important is that you feel a sense of connection with that entity and its people. This is probably more vital than ever because in this economy we are super picky about whom we do business with and interact with on a regular basis. It’s only natural to want to do give your hard-earned money to people and businesses that you feel connected to and that you feel some kind of good rapport with.

This is a time where we’re able to live all around the world and still be instantly connected with each other. It’s pretty amazing to consider how far apart yet close we all really are. Consider reaching out to a few people that you haven’t connected with lately and give them a “what’s up?!” Check out their blog, comment on their blog posts, send them a tweet and let them know you value your connection with them. You never know-your comment or message might be just the very thing they needed most in that moment.

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So true. Connection is what its all about. Something I had to work on when connecting with clients was slowly developing connection. When talking with friends I can be casual. In business, sometimes my Aries rising nature kicks in and I want to move quickly and impulsively.
When I caught this in myself, I decided to stop and learn how to just say hello and ask how someone was doing. After a few emails exchanged, often times they would ask me about business. It was a fun challenge, lol.

Tanya McGill Freeman

I completely agree with you. Connection is hugely important; after all, we do business most with those we “know, like & trust,” right?! Thanks ever so much for your comment. You’re awesome!

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