Social Media Mindset Series, Part 2 [Podcast #002]

by Tanya McGill Freeman

in Social Media

Getting real about your relationship with social media…

Today I’m going to walk you thru an exercise so take a moment to stop when you need to and really spend some time thinking about how you would answer these questions.

Let’s get real about your relationship with social mediahere we go!

How do you truly feel right now, in this moment, about your social media presence? Do you feel uneasy about it? Do you feel great about it? Or do you feel a bit like you lack the self-confidence to really put yourself out there in the world of social media?

How do you want to feel about social media? Do you want to embrace it and really “own” it? Perhaps you just want to dip your toes in a bit and test the waters. Or maybe you want to become the go-to person amongst all your friends and colleagues when it comes to social media!

What’s your biggest challenge with social media and what is one thing you can do today to help overcome it?

What’s your biggest challenge with social media?

Now, what I would absolutely love is if you could take this one step further and please share with me how you answered these questions today in the comments section.

Next up: Part 3 of the Mindset Series – once again, please post your comments and questions which we’ll be reviewing in Part 3. I read each and every one of your comments and really appreciate the feedback & input! Your social media growth is super important to me!

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Hey Tanya! Great segment. I really enjoyed the opportunity to check in with how I’m “feeling” about my social media relationship. The biggest thing that comes up for me is wishing I had more engagement. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself on our facebook page. I’ve tried posting questions and asking people to write comments. Sometimes we get few responses, but I would love to see more and more with more consistency.

Something I’ve considered might help is posting more from our personal lives or more from behind the scenes of our business. I think people like seeing a personal side of things, especially on facebook, because that’s what they’re already doing on facebook. So, I should probably take this opportunity to go do that!


Laura Wallis

So am in tune with this idea of checking in on our relationship with social media. Such a great topic to drill down on. Yes, Marcy, I agree it is a good strategy for business and just more fun walking the line a bit with sharing the personal side of things.

Tanya McGill Freeman

Awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Marcy…thank you! And I’m delighted to know what your challenges are in social media – love the feedback! I do believe that more personal posting is helpful as we really want to know the people behind the monitor that we’re doing business with. It’s that personal interaction that means so much & can make the biggest difference.

Thanks again for your wonderful comment-keep ’em coming!
Cheers XO

Tanya McGill Freeman

Talk about someone who’s “in tune” with their audience, that’s you, girl! You’re always on top of it; frankly I don’t know how you do it! Bravo.

Thanks for the comment, Laura. Rock on! xoxo

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