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Social Media Mindset Series, Part 3 [Podcast #003]

by Tanya McGill Freeman

in Social Media

True, meaningful engagement on social media…

By nature, we as humans are curious creatures. We want to know what each other are doing, how we are feeling, what makes others really tick. We are fascinated by each other. We are natural voyeurs and…we are naturally quite social.

We want to be talked with, not at. That’s what true, meaningful engagement really is. It’s a two-way conversation. And that’s exactly what’s happening on social media.

The more you show a sincere interest in your audience with great intentions to help them whenever you can, the more they will, in turn, be drawn to reciprocate online and off-line thereby helping you build your audience as a positive side-effect!

Understanding a few of these social media true-ism’s can really help you gain a grasp on the best way to get the conversation started, and it will help you have high-quality engagement which is so very important, especially in this loud online atmosphere.

Next up: Reputation Management Crisis & Social Media – once again, please post your comments and questions below. I read each and every one of your comments and really appreciate the feedback & input! Your social media growth is super important to me!

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