Ready to get the social media ball rolling?

Here’s one deep-dive way we can work together to make your social media ZOOM!:

Please note that all strategy sessions are booked through a free twenty minute Get Acquainted Session only to ensure the best fit for the client as well as Digital Sophisticate. This is an intensive, elite service, and it requires handling as such. I appreciate your understanding as I strive to deliver nothing less than absolutely stellar results for my clients.


“Own” Your Social Media Package

You + Me + Your Social Media = One Transformative Social Media Half Day VIP Experience!

…and it’s all about YOU


90 minute Skype Session:                Interview
                                                           :: set on a pre-determined date and time
                                                           :: together we’ll deep-dive into your biggest social media challenges
                                                             and uncover the areas where you need help the most – this will
                                                             lay the foundation for our work together
90 minute The Process:                   Your Personal Social Media Audit/Analysis
                                                           :: I’ll perform the Audit/Analysis on your various social media platforms
                                                             immediately following the Interview
90 minute Social Media Rx:            Your Personal, Customized Social Media Prescription
                                                          :: set at a pre-determined time usually on the same date of the Interview, 
                                                            immediately following the Audit
                                                          :: based on the Interview and the Audit/Analysis, I’ll have developed your
                                                            personal, customized Social Media Prescription. This will be shared
                                                            with you via Google Drive and you’ll be trained on it in detail during
                                                            this portion of the session
30 minute Q&A Skype Session:      An In-depth Follow-up One-On-One Session
                                                          :: set on a pre-determined date and time; must take place within 30 days of the
                                                            Strategy Session to harness the momentum of the session
                                                          :: we’ll use this time to assess your progress and address any burning social media
                                                            questions that have come up from any “ah-ha” moments you’ve had since the session!


Complete Session Fee: $497 – (Total Real Value: $1,050) 

Payable in one complete payment due 48 hours prior to the session. If unpaid, session is automatically cancelled.  Due to the nature of this package, there are no refunds offered once the application has been accepted. 

Details of the Skype Session Interview, the Audit/Analysis and the Social Media Rx are all documented on a shared Google Drive file (unless another arrangement is agreed upon in advance) for you to access at any time you wish within 48-72 hours after the session.

Program Bonuses…because who doesn’t love bonuses, right?!: Access to the call recordings (available 48-72 hours after call completion), Recommended Readings, Digital Sophisticate’s “Sophisticated Resources” Collection-fine tuned specifically for social media, and other truly fabulous resources for reference to help you get the social ball rolling quickly (some of my favorite things – Oprah’s got hers and I’ve got mine!).

I know you’re excited about getting started and really beginning to OWN your social media, aren’t you? This is it. This is your opportunity to take the reins and steer a new course of social media success for yourself.

You can do this. You got this. And I’m here to help and guide you…every step of the way.

Let’s Get Started!: Click the PayPal “Buy Now” button above to reserve your spot for this limited availability package now. I will then send you the info on the next steps which will include the link for the free twenty minute Get Acquainted Session for this package (or you can schedule it now by clicking here). If for any reason it is decided that this package isn’t the best fit for you after we speak, your investment will immediately be refunded. Alternatively, you can click here to leave a voice message for me with your contact details letting me know that you’re interested in applying for an OWN Your Social Media Session. Or, drop my assistant Patricia an email at with that same info. We’ll get back to you quickly with the next steps towards making your social media ZOOM!


Put your seat belt on – this is going to be a really fun ride! I believe in fun and I believe in social media, and if we’re going to do this together, then you should, too.

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